Category: Red guava

Guava is sweet with a refreshing fragrance. It’s so sweet that red guava is often the fruit of choice for Latino pastries.

Ripen at room temperature. Guava is ripe when it’s slightly soft to the touch.

Enjoy: Eat like you would an apple. Or enjoy the sweetness of red guava in a:
• Salad: fruit or lettuce
• Drink: smoothie, juice or aqua fresca
• Side dish with veggies
• Dessert
• Jelly or marmalade

Red guava salad dressing

Red guava's tropical not-too-sweet sweetness adds a nice touch to almost any lettuce you put under this tropical dressing....

Guava jelly, the Caribbean’s best

Having a naturally high level of pectin, guava needs no artificial pectin in the jelly making. So natural ingredients make for a naturally easy recipe...